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Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy is one of the safest and most effective ways to reduce tension, stress and anxiety and is safe during the entire pregnancy as long as mother and baby are healthy.  Specially designed cushions are used to safely lay face down or in the side-lying position. Particular attention is given to areas where you are feeling discomfort. After 38 weeks, acupressure points can be stimulated to encourage labor. 

One Hour $100

One and a half hours $150

In home visit $150 and up

Labor Massage 

Labor is a dynamic and progressive process. Massage during labor can have a positive impact on the way labor is perceived by providing techniques that reduce pain and the perception of pain, keeping muscles relaxed and reducing tension. This can promote a quicker labor process and a more positive laboring and birth experience. 

Can be performed at place of laboring mom or in the office

Private classes available to teach mom's birth partner techniques for labor and delivery

One hour $100

One and a half hours $150

Onsite with laboring mom $150 and up

Postpartum Massage

It is just as important to get massage after birth as it is during pregnancy. Your body has so many rapid changes happening all at once. During this time, massage can help speed the healing process, ease muscle soreness and fatigue, reduce swelling, promote incision healing from a cesarean birth, and the overall physical demands of having a newborn. Special attention is given to the postpartum stage you are in, whether it is immediately after birth, weeks, months or even years later. 

One hour $90

One and a half hours $135

In home visit $150 and up

Infant Massage Class

Learn skills that last a lifetime! This hands-on class is a fun and safe way to enhance your communication of love, caring and respect as well as assist in the growth and development of baby's body, mind and spirit. Massage can also help with common complaints such as tummy troubles, respiratory disorders and sleeping difficulties. Every class will include new massage techniques, class discussions and handouts. Please bring a blanket, pillow or towel and your baby's usual supplies. 

Infant Massage Class can be attended by expecting parents (biological, adoptive or foster), families with infants and their families or caregivers. 

Private and Group classes available

Infant Massage Class makes a great baby gift!



Pediatric Massage

Pediatric massage therapy can look very different from the image that you think of when you hear massage therapy. Children are met "where they are at" and careful consideration is given in the approach and techniques used with this population. Massage can be given to typically developing children or children with specific health care needs including physical, developmental and mental challenges.  

Callfor more information and to discuss how massage therapy can help your child.

Half and hour $50

One hour $90

In home visit $100 and up

On-Site Chair Massage

Bring a positive atmosphere and increase moral at to your office or event. Chair Massage is performed in specialty designed chairs for massage therapy and done over clothes and does not require oils or lotions.  Chair massage can focus on relaxing shoulders, neck, back, arms and hands.

Available for corporate and private events. Wellness days, staff appreciation, regular self-care for office staff, girls night, showers. Call for pricing